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“Strategic Partnerships Erasmus+ Project entitled Innovation and Social Learning for Higher Education Institutions (ISOLearn for HEI)” Universidade Aberta – Portugal


Topic: Improvement of the conditions to increase Visual and Hearing-impaired peoples’ access to Higher Education.

Organisation: Universidade Aberta Portugal and other partners

Brief Description:

This is a Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships two-years project coordinated by Universidade Aberta – Portugal (www.uab.pt), dedicated to improve access of visual and hearing-impaired people to Higher Education, thus promoting their social inclusion.

The project develops the spirit of Social Responsibility of their partners and is expected to produce the following main outputs/results:
– To present a Needs and Gap Analysis’ study in partner countries and, possibly, in other European countries, analysing the situation regarding the access and problems of being in Higher Education for visual and hearing-impaired persons;
– To present a Handbook of Good practices and principles for the development of Higher Education offers adequate to the special needs of visual and hearing-impaired persons;
– To promote and share recommendations (in order to later propose a quality label) regarding the conditions that Higher Education Institutions should guarantee in order to be in accordance with visual and hearing-impaired specific needs on their Higher Education studies.
– To test these recommendations and principles with main stakeholders, in order to validate the proposed recommendations and the possible model for its evaluation.
– To issue European policies recommendation on the basis of our finfdings.

Contact Person: José António Porfírio (Project Coordinator): jose.porfirio@uab.pt



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